Designer Flames


We have an exciting new range of Eco-friendly fireplaces – see below

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Our eco-friendly fireplaces – “Designer Flames”are manufactured solely from Stainless Steel in a  brushed or mirror finish or in a custom finish. These fireplaces burn with a premium environmentally friendly, denatured ethanol based biofuel which we also supply. The biofuel is clean-burning, does not emit smoke, unpleasant odour or harmful gases. (follow instruction manual)

The units are completely mobile and function well to warm any room in your home or office. Whether you want to create an intimate  outdoor area for entertaining during winter or summer months around the pool, create an ambiance in a bedroom or bathroom, our designer flames will help you create  that environment.

Our fireplaces are low maintenance and can be cleaned using a household cleaning product.


We have launched a Stainless Steel Dual Purpose Braai/Smoker . These handy units are fully portable and are designed to easily fit into the boot of your car. Take them along to any event and enjoy the outdoors.